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Avalanche Awareness Program


06. - 07.01.2018

For: 2 daysPrice: 98 € per person

This 1,5 day training program is designed for:

Snow Shoe Walkers, Ski Tourers, Off Piste Skiers & Snowboarders

Topics covered include:

  • What is an avalanche?
  • How do avalanches develop?
  • How do I recognise a potential avalanche slope?
  • What should I do in an avalanche?
  • How to rescue companions from underneath an avalanche

We provide and explain how to use the equipment required when in avalanche prone areas and explain snow conditions. We will point out key factors that you should recognise as potential avalanche starters.

The chosen area for this course is the area around Fieberbrunn ski resort. The area tends to receive lots of snow due to its location in the Alps. Day 1 will be used to tell you about the most important tools in theory. On day 2 we will put everything into practise.

Minimum participants: 3Maximum participants: 8duration: Mehrtagestourrequirements: price:

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