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Climbing Austria's Highest Mountain...


Juni - Oktober

For: 2 daysPrice: 330 € per person

Grossglockner (3798m) is Austria's highest mountain.

Highlights: Climbing Austria's highest mountain - Grossglockner 

Even from the car park it is impossible to avoid the dominant mountain at the end of the valley.

A pleasant hiking trail takes us from here up to the Stüdl Hut where we have a good break. From here the path becomes a glacier where we put on our harnesses and crampons and head up to the Erzherzog Johann Hut. Once here we realise what a prominant peak this is, there are literally people from all over the world all here to climb Großglockner.

We set off at the crack of dawn, using head torches before the first rays of the sun reach us. We will probably be at the Glocknerleitl at dawn and follow the rocks up to the Kleinglockner. From here we follow the rocks down to one of the most challenging parts of the tour, the Glockner Scharte. Again we follow the rocks all the way to the top and what do we see from here? You will have to come with us and find out for yourself! It is definitely worth it...

Minimum participants: 2Maximum participants: 3duration: Mehrtagestourrequirements: Able to walk for 4 - 6 hours per day, no experience necessary but a good head for heightsprice: Price includes guiding, huts to be paid for by individuals

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